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Our Jr. Art Director Emma shares her journey, inspirations, and favorite aspects of her role at Doing Goods.

Q: What is your educational background in design?

Emma: “I studied graphic design at CIBAB in Zwolle, Netherlands. Initially, my dream was to work as a graphic designer for magazines, and I had secured internships with Glamour & ELLE. However, Doing Goods caught my eye as an all-around creative opportunity, and the prospect of learning a variety of skills appealed to me. When I joined, Doing Goods had just a few thousand followers on Instagram, and I was drawn to its quirky and artistic aesthetic. I had a meeting at the Aanyoung office on Witte De Wit street and instantly clicked with Aan. From then on, it was all about treasure hunting, combining ancient craftsmanship with modern designs, which I find truly magical.”

Q: When did you start working at Doing Goods?

Emma: “I started as an intern and now, after working here for five years, I am Junior Art Director. After completing my studies, I spent a year living and working in Friesland. The merging of cultures, especially the Asian and Indian influences, captivated me. Having traveled to Bali on my last bit of savings, I had declared to everyone that I would work at Doing Goods. I eventually moved to Amsterdam and celebrated my recent anniversary with the company. I began as a junior creative, primarily focusing on social media for many years, embracing the learning-by-doing philosophy.”

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Emma: “The freedom to create is my favorite aspect. I have the space to pursue anything I want, though always in collaboration. I can propose and evolve my ideas and plans. Working with Aanyoung has been fantastic; her experience complements my creativity well. The flexibility of the role allowed me to grow significantly, especially during the year when Aanyoung was expecting twins.”

Q: Can you share your experience in India, which plays a significant role at Doing Goods?

Emma: “India is a crucial part of Doing Goods, and my first visit in October 2021 was truly amazing. Traveling with Heleen, we immersed ourselves in the culture, met the team in India, and visited their new workshop. Witnessing the craftsmanship firsthand, the safety, and the happiness of the people there was mind-blowing. Exploring markets, discovering new materials and colors, and experiencing the family-like atmosphere during lunch added a deeper layer to the uniqueness of Doing Goods.”

Q: Tell us the story behind Robbie The Frog. How did the idea come about?

E: “The idea for Robbie The Frog came from a small, random shop where I found brass figurines. The green frog caught my eye, and as a playful departure from the usual Doing Goods style, I placed it on my desk. Inspired by my budding romance with Robbert, Aan and I jokingly decided to turn it into a collection around Indian fairy tales. Robbie the frog, with a heart on top, became a whimsical symbol. It was a sort of subtle declaration of affection, and when it was released, I gave it to Robbert as a gift.”

And along with Robbie, what is your favorite product?

E: Robbie symbolizes a sweet expression of affection. Besides Robbie, I love the fish vase and the Tatsu Heritage Rug. The fish vase, being the first, is particularly interesting as it has a coating that allows it to hold water despite being made of brass.

Lastly, what is your favourite address or date spot in Amsterdam?

E: “The Belhamel is my favourite spot. Located in a charming part of Amsterdam by the canal, it’s romantic, and the art nouveau details inside add to its charm. Cycling there along the canals with someone special is a perfect date night.”


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