Doing Good

No taking without giving

We don’t believe in taking without giving. So every time we pick something up, ship it and sell it, we make sure we give something back. Doing Goods cares about the society and the people it operates in and with. It is why we sponsor various local charities in the countries we do business. We visit the projects we sponsor so we can keep an eye on what people are doing with the funds. This way we are sure the money gets to where it needs to be - with those who need it most.

Step by step

To achieve this Doing Goods works together with Satu Per Satu (one per one or step by step). This Dutch foundation works together with a sister foundation in Java, Indonesia.


We have been supporting Latiefs & Mochs development since the beginning of Doing Goods.
They are both 12 years old and are able to go to school now.

This sweet little girl Latief lives with her parents in Malang. Her dad sells food for a living. Latief wants to become a teacher herself when she grows up.
Moch, the little dude lives with his dad in Malang, who works as a laboror. His mother sadly passed away, but Moch has big hopes for his future and wants to become a doctor one day.

Doing Goods is proud of these kids! And we hope we can help them achieve their goals.