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Where it's made

Where we make what we make

At Doing Goods we make good on the promise of working respectfully in and with the communities we visit. We do not believe that we can change the world. We are, however, convinced that we can improve people’s lives with honesty, authenticity and fair play. We strive to do this a step, day and project at a time.

A few years ago we started dealing with a family business in India. Soon we were making plans to build a workshop together. It was a very conscious decision lead by our belief that local is always best in the long run. We also knew we needed to step up and make it a special place. As we built the shop brick by hand-baked brick, everyone’s spirit rose. The future was bright and full of promise. Thanks to a collective effort the promises were fulfilled. Now, a handful of years later, the team in India is truly up and running. They are thriving in their workshop and are a fully-fledged member of the Doing Goods family.

The workshop is a wonderful success. And it’s pink, which is always a good thing … and offers the team a comfortable and safe space to craft and produce our unique collections. In addition to a pleasant workshop, we of course pay honest wages and sufficient breaks and time off. If they’re happy, we’re happy and vice versa. This arrangement – which by the way for us is just common sense and the only way to run a business – keeps everything and everyone fresh and bubbly. It’s just what we need at Doing Goods to offer the best we can.

We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to work on this with a wonderful family and their team and to get the chance to give something back to a community that has given so much to us.

So take a look below to see where we make what we make..