All flagged up and everywhere to go

Noa Flags Garland


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Material Cotton & Nylon
Color Multicolor
Size 900 x 10 x 0.5 cm Size one flag: 15 x 15 cm
Origin India


This lovely garland is made of block printed fabrics.
The printing of these fabrics is all done by hand, using teak wooden handcarved stamps. Long strokes of fabric are being out on wooden tabels. Each color is a different layer of stamping. So The number of blocks that a printer uses is generally determined by the number of colors in the print design. Once the fabric is printed, it is then laid out to dry in the sun. After it the fabrics are printed, we transport them to our own Doing Goods workshop and our tailors make them into this loveable garland.

  • Comes in a fabric pouch
  • Vintage textiles on image not included.
  • Each flag is finished with an overlock stitch which also serves as the garlands string. This technique gives the garland the delicate look that we love so much, but therefor it should be handled with care.