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Roarr like a leopard! Purr like a lion …

Let your eyes glance and mind dance through our looks.


Who we are

From our start back in 2010 we’ve always been drawn to the imperfect, the bubbly, quirky and the one-offs: The objects of our infatuations are those objects affected by the sands of time.

As a team we’ve grown but haven’t grown up. So yes, we still jump and dance when we find curiosities that tickle us to bits.

Once home from a world tour we archive the found trinkets or put them on display – each a unique item with its own story. They inspire us when designing our own exclusive collections.

Our travels take us to many wonderful places where we meet equally wonderful people. This keeps us fresh and young at heart. We embrace chance-meetings and coincidence, but plan our next move sincerely. Our wish is to stick around for many more years, so planning is essential. It’s this combination of chance and planning that resulted in our workshop in India. A great example of how our process is the combined sum of our beliefs, our plans and the random stuff that life sometimes throws at us.

So, who are we and us? Well, here we are …

Aanyoung Founder
Amke Intern
Bjorn Warehouse
Carin Admin & Customer Care
Carole Teamleader Warehouse
Heleen Sales Manager
Isa Marketing & Product Development
Jaap Warehouse
Jan Founder
Linda Sales Office
Marlou Junior Sales
Maureen Office Mom
Neyaz Warehouse
Niek Operations
Oliver Logistics
Princess Nahla Quality Control
Ria Finance
Stijn Logistics
Veronique Marketing & PR