Parisian Betty

The parisian life.. somehow it makes me want to drink red wine all day, smoke thin cigarettes and wear feather boas. But we are not in Paris to do such things. We are here to be Doing Goods. We need to restock our treasure trove and Paris is always a good idea to do so.

Upon arrival I start to eat. When I am not eating I think about what I would like to eat. I know Paris is packed with lovely stores, but you cannot shop properly on an empty stomach. Go have your lunch at Nanashi in the Marais, I love this place. The organic Chirashi salmon is worth the line. So is the French take on a Bento box.

But my best catch this weekend was the restaurant Hai Kai near the Canal Saint Martin. Run by three lovely ladies, the interior of this place is best described as minimalistic tropical? At least that is what I would call it. The food is served like little pieces of art, great service and the prices are shockingly reasonable.

Each time I am in Paris, we always save one night for Chez Janou. If you want a true Parisian bistro experience go there! Eat the mussels gratin and divine chocolate mousse. They put humongous scoops on your plate and ask whether you like more. That is the best part. Taste it. You will die.

Then there is Frenchie. Frenchie wine bar. Believe the hype because the food is truely, really good. It has just a few very wanted tables so be sure to make your reservations. If you can’t get one, there is Frenchie-to- go for a little bit of a Frenchie experience.

We stay at lovely Mama Shelter. The room measurements are very Parisian. I would not call this budget chic but it is definately a nice stay.

Sunday is for scouring Parisian flea markets. We start our Sunday very early at Porte de Vanves. A friendly small flea in the south of the city. Collectables, eccentric one-off pieces, bits and bobs. It is easy going and there is big potential to find treasures, actually. It’s spread over two avenues and easy to finish in about 2 hours.

Consider it a warming up for your next stop, Clignancourt. This is the largest flea market in Paris and a tricky one to master. I always get lost in this maze of alleys . It is spread out over too many blocks and you could easily spend days here. Not all is good, by far not. When I first came here I was convinced to be at the wrong place .

Iphones of unknown origin were shoved into my face, tacky items spread out on sidewalks, synthetic clothings rule the stalls…

But look a bit further, take some backdoors and backstreets and you will find what you are looking for. Amongst beautifull African masks you will see that perfect shaped lamp, just like you saw it in the Great Gatsby. Find yourself sitting in that sixties chair, just like you saw Betty Draper sitting in it.Be willing to pay for it though. We are in Paris after all. And feeling like Betty Draper in Paris does not come cheap.