You could say Indonesia is Doing Goods' homebase. This is where it all started. We filled our very first 20ft container here 5 years ago. Not having the slightest clue what we were heading for. Some products have been a succes and we still carry them in our collection. Some stuff will hunt us down forever in our warehouse. We come back to Indonesia at least twice a year. We rent a scooter and scour for all that we like. With many of the suppliers we have built nice relationships throughout the years. We always bring the Dutch Stroopwafel cookies & whenever we arrive they all start yelling: Hey, Mister JAN!

I am forgotten most of the time. But hey..

This time we started our journey in Java. We were there not only for Doing Goods, but we also visited the workplace of Wonderwall Studios, which is the other adventure that we run. We swung by beautifull antique markets as well as workplaces specialized in copper & ceramics. Anything can be done here, my head was spinning with options. Java is the true production centre of Indonesia.

The relaxed, sometimes slow nature of the Indonesians makes me a bit nervous. Patience is definately not my middle name.

But after so many years I slowly start to understand that this is the way they move. To enjoy a peacefull life is more important than to have a big carreer or lots of money. So first we get some drinks, then some talking, then some kretek cigarettes, more talking and I must say.. actually it is quite nice. There is no need for rush or panick and when we do things slowly, it gets done too, eventually. At least, thats the only choice I have. So I go with the slow flow.

After a good few days on Java we continued our journey on Bali. If Java is the production centre then Bali is Indonesias inspiring showroom. Ofcourse Bali is also paradise on earth, but we have no time for paradise now . We are Doing Goods!