Let’s build a workshop!

Since we started back in 2010 we’ve always made a real effort to find that one special item; the one that stands out from everything else yet is not found easily. This dedication has taken us to many places on many journeys during which we bumped into many great people. At Doing Goods we believe we have a responsibility to look after those communities we work in and the people we work with. So when it was time to build a working spacefor our team in India, we knew we needed to step up and make it special. We are very proud to share with you the news that today we laid the first brick. The first of many that will form a strong foundation. We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to work on this with a wonderful family and their team and to get the chance to give something back to a community that has given so much to us. Doings Goods is making good.

Cheers everyone and thanks!