Grab a chair. With our chair supplier in Indonesia, it is all about grabbing a chair, litterally. This extravagant chair guy collects vintage frames from all over Indonesia and piles them up in his garden. However, in this graveyard of chairs there a beauties to be found. The way of working is like this. We go there twice a year and before we even start the buying, we have to take two shots of his homemade brew or black coffee that will keep you awake for days. After this ritual we go to his backgarden and make our choices of vintage frames. The challenge is to find sets of each frame, as ofcourse a chair has 2 sides. Then we can have these quirky metal frames in any colour we like. We have endless discussions about what is orange and what is pink and I am always convinced he is colorblind. But whenever the container arrives at our warehouse, he somehow has got it right.

The chairs are out of stock at this moment, but will be back beginning of November. Stay tuned!