Brooklyn Dreams

New York. It truely is a concrete jungle and it truely is a city where you just have to be chasing dreams. In this city, each persons seems to have purpose, a place to go, a thing to achieve, a reason to talk to. Even each object seems to be made or positioned for a reason. At least that is what it feels like. Wandering through this city, I keep being amazed by each store so lovingly curated, each logo so well designed and even the front doors and fire stairs seem to be matching. We are loving it all.

As inspiring as Manhattan always is, we are doing our goods at the Brooklyn flea this time. Founded in April 2008, Brooklyn Flea has grown into a huge collection of big and small stalls selling delicious food, furniture, jewelry and all in between. Local food vendors are mixed up with brands that collect bits and bobs from all over the world. We eat ramen burgers in between a taxidermy paradise and find Moroccan rugs, vintage paintings, mini-small-big-bigger photo frames. There are huge stalls selling only vintage toys, trash or treasure up to you to decide.

I feel like I’m in a pretty good place actually. As many fleas as I have seen in my life, this is one of the most inspring ones. Why? Can’t really tell. Maybe it is because of the peculiar selection, maybe it is because people love little toys, dolls and animals here and I do too.

Or maybe I am just struck by this young guy that stands behind his mini stall the whole day selling his home made gooey cakes with so much pride. I bet he has great purposes. I bet he is chasing dreams.