Travel & Sourcing

Travelling & sourcing is what we love most and is what defines Doing Goods. We know exactly where our goods come from.

Our love for treasure hunting has a lot to do with our enthusiasm for meeting local merchants and craftsmen. Scouring through alleyways and backstreets and stumbling upon small stores is a large part of the fun. Small & unexpected things during our journeys definately changed and will continue to influence how we view the world and our place in it. Nothing is more captivating than to experience various cultures, meet people and learn about their history. And that is precisely what makes travelling so highly addictive to us.

From the flea markets of New York, to the workplaces on lovely Bali, all the way to the streets of Delhi. See the faces behind the goods, meet de vendors & find true craftsmanship in our workplaces. Jump into our journeys here.