Doing Goods International Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 2018

Doing Goods
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Doing Goods is a trademark of the Workshop B.V.

1. Order terms
First time order – €500 minimum (excl. VAT)
Payment conditions: 100% up front.
1.1 Re ordering
Minimum amount: €250,00 (excl. VAT)
Payment conditions: 100% up front.
1.2 Order confirmation
The order is binding only when Doing Goods sends an order confirmation after receipt of the customer’s acceptance. The retailer will check the order and any objections to it shall be made within 48 hours. If the customer makes no objections within these two days, the order confirmation shall be binding. Doing Goods shall not be liable for errors in the order confirmation.
1.3 Payment
Payment must be made without deduction either by bankers draft to us or by telegraphic to our account. By placing an order you're agreeing and accept the Doing Goods terms and Conditions.
1.4 Late payment
A due date is given on the order confirmation and we kindly ask you to pay the complete invoice within seven days. If you did not do the payment within that given time, we can’t guarantee that the ordered goods will be on stock. If the invoice hasn’t been fulfilled within ten days after due date Doing Goods will cancel the order.

2. Online B2B portal
2.1 Personal access code
As a service we’ve created a B2B portal on our website were the opportunity is given to view our complete collection and order online. If interested in your personal inlog-code please contact
2.2 Confirmation
The shop is a tool for you to select your products only, there is no payment involved. After you’ve placed your order with us online, we will contact you shortly for invoice details and delivery. Your order will be final after confirmation from our side. For more information see article 1.3.
2.3 Varieties in handmade products
Every effort is made to ensure that the products you view online correspond as closely as possible to the final made to order pieces. However, due to the handmade nature of our products and the fine, natural materials we use in their creation, slight variations can and do occur. Buying handmade means you are supporting the artisan directly and in turn you are also supporting the local communities were our crafts are made. No responsibility can be accepted for these variations, after all a hint of individuality only serves to make a bespoke piece that little bit more unique, so you can embrace this unique product made by hand with love.

3. Shipping
After receiving the full payment, Doing Goods will ship your order within 5 days (subject to stock availability) unless you specify otherwise. Doing Goods will pack your order in as few boxes / wooden pallets as possible to minimize your shipment costs.
3.1 Shipping costs
Delivery: Ex works. Costs will be added according to prices from Doing Goods forwarders.
Delivery will be at the customers risk irrespective of it’s being arranged by Doing Goods. If you refuse delivery or if you’re unable to accept delivery, the retailer shall cover any associated costs or losses incurred by Doing Goods. This included the costs of storage until the retailer has accepted delivery on the agreed terms.
3.2 Product availability
Doing Goods will provide you relevant product availability information. In the event that a delivery will be delayed due to the fault of the supplier/producers, Doing Goods shall keep you informed of updated delivery dates.

In the event that any product is short shipped or rejected due to quality issues, Doing Goods will cancel your order for the product in question, or put items on pre-order. If any prepayment has been made, you will be offered a credit or refund, at the retailer’s discretion.

Retailers can’t cancel orders without incurring a cancellation fee. Doing Goods charges 25% on any cancelled order.

4. Liability
4.1 Liabilities for defects
If any Doing Goods products become damaged during transport, please notify us at within 48 hours after receiving the package. We will find a suitable solution together to solve this; this could be a credit, refund or replacement shipped with your next order. We cannot be held liable for products damaged on the premises of your shop or storeroom. In the event that the retailer forwards complaints regarding defects, which are found not to be Doing Goods responsibility, the customer shall reimburse any costs, e.g. lawyers' fees, incurred by Doing Goods in this respect.
4.2 General limitations of liability
Doing Good is in no event liable for operating loss, loss of profit or any other indirect loss. Any advice provided by Doing Goods in connection with the retailers purchase shall be deemed to be for guidance only, Doing Goods isn’t liable and shall not be liable for the suitability of the product for specific purposes.

Doing Goods shall not be liable for defects, delay or any other damage caused by circumstances which Doing Goods ought not to have expected, including acts of war, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, blockades, mobilization, import and export restrictions, political unrest, strike, lockout, labor shortage or shortage of goods, unusual natural events etc.

5. Pricing
Doing Goods recommends that you use the suggested retail prices (SRP) as provided. If you choose to set your own pricing, these guidelines must be maintained:
-never less than 1% below RRP

If a retailer would like to run any promotion or sale, Doing Goods has to approve it. The RRP must be maintained and labelled clearly on the product as the standard market price.

6. VAT – BTW – TAX
International customers are mandated to provide Doing Goods with their valid VAT/Tax ID number. If no number can be provided or validated for any reason, the client will be charged 21% VAT per local rates.

7. Intellectual Property rights
All trademark of intellectual property rights and design belongs to Doing Goods. The retailer’s use of this shall be subject to Doing Goods previous agreement in writing.

8. E-commerce
Goods from Doing Goods may not be sold on websites such as eBay, Markplaats, Amazon or other similar websites, you’re aware that sales via such websites would have a material negative impact on Doing Goods goodwill and intellectual property rights.

9. Governing Law and venue
Dutch law shall govern this agreement. Any disputes shall be settled by the court stipulated in Doing Goods articles of association as the court of first instance.

10. Marketing
The story behind Doing Goods is, besides the eclectic style, the main reason why we have such a growing fan base. Customers can read more about our brand and our story online, at We also utilize social media marketing, and encourage our shops to utilize these channels as well, interacting with us online to broaden your audience.

Doing Goods happily provides you with marketing materials for the stores. We will gladly provide logos & Doing Good images (products, atmosphere shots, etc.) for use in your own custom marketing. Just e-mail

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By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to these Doing Goods Terms and Conditions.