Doing What We Do

Doing Goods is a veritable treasure trove of home ware, textiles and curiosities. We travel the globe in search of flotsam and jetsam that we are convinced can spice up your home and life. We have a penchant for used items. Basically, we love stuff that’s been around the block a few times. Or an ocean.

We call it “Wabi sabi. It means to be imperfect, flawed. The thing about old stuff is that it holds memories. It has character and oodles panache.

We just cannot resist. So we collect and curate antiques, furniture, pieces of art, textiles and quirky bits and pieces we think will look fantastic in people’s homes as well as commercial spaces.” Besides wandering on less-beaten tracks in search of existing pieces, Doing Goods has new accessories and furniture made. All these products are created and developed in small workplaces where we employ local, experienced craftsmen to ensure the best quality. There is a lot of sweat and love in our goods. We are proud of the things that we create.

Thanks for paying us a visit. We hope you’ll find something you love and that makes you smile.

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