Doing Goods

A note from treasure hunters

Founded in 2010 by Jan Swinkels & Aanyoung Yeh.

So, how did it all come about?

Jan used to work in finance. Then one day, Jan figured he’d worked way too many hours for the man and headed out for himself.

He took up his hard-earned savings, set off for the Far East, filled up a container with locally handcrafted goodies and shipped it back to Europe. It was all a bit of a gamble but Jan trusted his gut feeling that everything would work out fine. And it did. Jan may come across as chaotic and happy-go-lucky. But don’t be fooled, this guy knows how to run a business.

It was whilst travelling through Asia for Doing Goods that Jan got the idea of making wall panels from reclaimed wood.

He turned the idea into a business and called it Wonderwall Studios. A second company was born.

His girlfriend Aanyoung, helped him out whenever she could. But as she was a designer at a major fashion label, time was scarce.

In 2013, after a few years working late nights and too many weekends spent unpacking shipping crates and dusting of oddities and curiosities, Aanyoung quit her job to join the company. She is the creative genius behind Jan’s business-savvy.

Aanyoung Yeh is a stylist, collector and archivist, designer, tourist, traveller, and home bird. Her blood is 100% Chinese, her brain and soul a cocktail of European, American and Asian influences and idiosyncrasies. She started out as a fashion designer for various brands, finally settling with a label based in Amsterdam. Here Aanyoung worked as a kids wear designer for years. During her work Aanyoung travelled to the four corners of the world. It was during these trips that she would discover her love for collecting bits and bobs that would remind her of her trip. Once home, these trinkets would be archived or put on display – each a unique item with its own story.

She and Jan form a great pair. She’s Jan’s yin. Or yang. Depending on how you look at it. They crackle and pop and are the proverbial peas-in-the-pod.

"These guys are yin-yang. They crackle and pop and are the proverbial peas-in-the-pod."


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